Best & not to miss party destinations in Europe during your travel!

Europe is a standout amongst other places on the planet for the individuals who appreciate encountering the nightlife of an outside nation – with various capital urban communities and shoreline resorts all inside a couple of short flights from one another, clubbers are spoilt for decision with regards to finding another area to party in. Making a trip abroad to appreciate the nightlife has for some time been an occupation for youthful Brits, and consequently, there are some settled clubbing goals on the landmass that is as yet going solid today.

Beach near Glyfada Beach Villas

Here are four best gathering goals in Europe including constant top choices like party villa in Paxos and energizing new hotspots.


A standout amongst the most renowned gathering goals in Europe is Ibiza, the Spanish island that pulls in heaps of holidaymakers every last year. Huge numbers of them are there to party, and well-known dance club, for example, Privilege and Amnesia are only one motivation behind why party-goers travel here. Numerous renowned DJs perform frequently all through the late spring season on the island, and the dazzling shorelines and captivating island culture are different rewards that make a break to Ibiza definitely justified even despite the speculation. Convenience savvy, there is an immense scope of choices, including extravagance estate rental and in costly inn room settlement.

For those intrigued by visiting Ibiza, it is well worth perusing up on everything that this nightlife hotspot brings to the table before booking any ease bundle occasions there – it is an island where there is a bounty to do and see, so it merits arranging your schedule deliberately to ensure that you don’t pass up a major opportunity.


This is another exemplary area for those hoping to relax in Europe, despite the fact that it doesn’t offer the sun, ocean and sangria of Ibiza. The interest of the Dutch city is far various, with its broadly one of a kind coffeehouses and fabulous bars and dance club, and there are music and move occasions running consistently. While this city comes up short on the hotter atmosphere of the Spanish party resorts, it compensates for it plentifully with its novel culture. The city has a bounty to see and do, including visiting interesting galleries and attractions, notable landmarks and considerably more. For Brits, it is essentially only a speedy ship ride over the ocean as well.

Mykonos and Paxos

Somewhat further away from home however absolutely as yet energizing enough is Mykonos and Paxos in Greece. This is viewed as one of the genuinely wild occasion goals, where liquor streams throughout the day all through the mid-year season. This island unquestionably hosts a more laid back get-together vibe and is well known for its shoreline parties instead of upmarket settings and clubs. There is likewise the assurance that the climate will be awesome, and that there are a lot of delightful old Greek towns and towns to investigate amid the day. Over this, the nation’s Greek luxury villa rental stays are extraordinary compared to other spots for really minimal effort bundle occasions for those on a financial plan.

Warsaw, Poland

Ultimately, a best in class goal for party goers that is additionally simple on the wallet is Warsaw in Poland. Home of vodka and with an enormous scope of clubs that take into account every single melodic taste, the city is developing rapidly in fame with gathering goers for a mix of innovation and conventional Polish culture. The city is likewise a social and chronicled pearl for the individuals who get a kick out of the chance to investigate amid the daytime.

From Ibiza to Warsaw, these are the best places to party in Europe. There are minimal effort bundle occasions accessible to a large number of them, yet on the off chance that not, most visit administrators can organize a reasonable escape to every one of these goals. Regardless of whether you incline toward shoreline parties or an underground Eastern European watering opening, there is something for everybody in Europe.


Explore The Beauty Of Greece By Exploring These Few Greek Islands !

Summers are the best weather to plan for a holiday to this beautiful and place full of serenity i.e. Greece. Whenever I hear this name, a lot of things comes to our mind like white-washed houses, turquoise waters to the extent our vision can reach, romantic sunsets, Mediterranean flavors, mythological references and much more things and scenes like these.

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To make your holiday planning easier, here are some references of best islands you cannot avoid visiting during your trip to Greek island holidays.


If you want holidays that are perfect blend of everything that is listed above, together with a hint of romance and a bit of nightlife, this island is just perfect for you. The rugged black sand beaches are the centre of attraction as they contrasts with the blue sea and the white houses of Fira. Fira is a village that is perched on the western side of the island and here you can enjoy the breath taking scenes of sunsets. Santorini island hosts the best beaches like the Red beach named after the unique lava coloured sand, White Beach, Kamari and Perrisa etc.


Also known as Paxi, Paxos is one of the largest Ionian Islands that is quite close to Corfu. It is a perfect oasis of tranquility for couples or any kind of travellers seeking serenity and privacy. This place is a host to many stunning beaches and food zones serving the best fresh fish. Enjoy the magical atmosphere in the evening with a glass of drink at one of the seaside taverna. The best tip during your visit to this island is to go around the island and discover your personal favorites or the places of your interest.


For the party freaks, Mykono is the one stop destination. The aura of this island takes over anyone who lands on this island. This is one of the islands that has never been affected due to mass tourism and its picturesque houses and crystal clear blue sea are some attractions that cannot be avoided. Plan villa holidays in Greece so as to make out the most of this beautiful destination. Do not miss visiting Paradise Beach, Elia, Kalafati and the beautiful Panormos.

Holiday Villas In Paxos: An Ideal Staying Facility For Tourists At The Paxos Island!

Paxos Island ! Glyfada Beach Villas

Paxos Island is an ideal holiday destination for the people willing to spend quality time with their family and friends in the arms of nature and tranquility. Greece is not only an ancient country in the world but also the country with abundance of islands located in the arms of Mediterranean Sea, these islands are visited by the thousands of visitors throughout the world across the year offering tourists the pleasure of enjoying the fun of various activities. Among this fleet of different islands, Paxos Island is one such island which is recognized not only for its beautiful, iconic, picturesque, and fascinating natural beauty but also for the tranquility present at the island.

Location of Paxos Island

Well, all this might surprise you because presence of all these elements at one place is almost not possible but interestingly when you step at this island you find the perfect combination of all these elements merged at one place. Interestingly the reason behind this natural gift is the location of island in the last corner of the country. Located in the arms of Ionian Island, Paxos is the smallest islands where the tourists can reach only through boats as there is not even an airport for them to land. The nearest town is Corfu which has airport and from where the tourists can reach to this island.

It would be interested to know that going through the absence of airport the island is not only protected by the pollution but also by the dirt which could have taken place due to abundance of masses. But surprisingly the absence of airport could not succeed in stopping the tourists searching for some peaceful to enjoy their vacation from landing on this beautiful island. Therefore despite of limited number of tourists the island is has everything to offer to the tourists that they have been using in their city.

Accommodation at Paxos Island

As the arrival of tourists at the island is very limited there are not any hotels for them to stay, but interestingly there are well furnished, well constructed and well maintained villas offered by the local real estate operators for the tourists. These Holiday Villas in Paxos are located at the walking distance of fifteen minutes from the shore of island. Located in the green valley surrounded by olive groves these villas can be seen as soon as step from your boat on the land of Paxos.

Constructed strictly according to modern architecture these villas have large rooms to offer comfortable and relaxing accommodation to the visitors. Inside the villas you will find suitable bed for you and your family members to relax, comfortable sofa and relaxing chairs to relax after you come back by exploring the beauty of island. Inside the kitchen you will find all those appliances and vessels that are required for cooking your delicious food, in case if you wish to eat the food cooked at home. Apart from this each villa has its personal swimming pool where you can swim according to your convenience and refresh your body. The green shutters and properly white washed walls allow the smooth flow of sunlight and fresh air inside the room.

In case if you are a newly married couple and searching for some place where you can find the combination of romance and peace merged at one place then undoubtedly these villas will definitely satisfy your needs. Anyhow if you are accompanying with your family and do not want to go out or wish to stay alone at home and wish to view the beauty of island without going out, then you can sit in the balcony and enjoy the eye catching view of island without any problem.

In short it can be said that staying at holiday villas in Paxos will not only offer you comfort and relaxing stay but also make you tension free from the concern of your children going out and playing, as these villas have substantial place for your kids to play their favorite games.

How To Find The Great Luxury Villa Rentals?

Thinking of a beach vacation with your family for the coming vacations? It is one of the best things one can opt for because spending time near the ocean helps us to forget all chaos of the life and also helps in washing away all the worries. Before you begin exploring the place or sunning yourself on the beach, you need have to arrange for the accommodations and the travel plans. This is something that is very much painstaking but the planning will be well worth it in the end.

For a mesmerizing beach holiday, first of all, you will have to choose the best one out of the many beautiful beaches around the world. After you have decided on the location, for instance- Greece! Try finding out for the best options of the Greek luxury villa rentals for your pleasant stay at this beautiful location. The decision of place majorly depends on the amount of time you have and the monetary fund you can spend on your holiday.

Relax And Enjoy During Your Holiday Among The Tranquil Surroundings ! Glyfada Beach Villas

Here are listed some keys to finding the great and luxury villa rentals for you and your family. Let’s have a look:

• Find the right destination

Most of the beaches around Greece are much beautiful but perhaps you might be looking for something more exciting and exotic. If this is the case, the Paxos Island or the village Loggos can be the exciting destination spot you can consider your stay at. This beautiful place is surrounded by beautiful beaches, villas and the seaside taverna.

• Evaluating costs

Once you have chosen the spot, you need to factor in the cost. You must have found the best locality depending on your travel expectation but can you afford to rent a hotel room or a small villa? There are many travel websites that can help you in finding the best rentals and affordable places to visit based on the budget have for your fabulous holiday.

• Find the right sized rental

Ionian Villas at paxos ! Glyfada Beach Villas

Make sure you find the rental villas or a place that can easily and comfortably accommodate the number of people you’re there on the holiday. Find the right size for your accommodation so as to ensure everyone’s comfort and their own space. This point is especially important if you’re on the holiday with your spouse and other couples as with all the beauty around you might need some private time with your spouse. Consider comfort, personal space, budget and other such factors while looking for the right sized rental.

• Kind of beach location you’re looking for

Beach near Glyfada Beach Villas

You will need to see what type of beach location you’re looking for- a public beach or a private one? Is it a nude beach? These are the basic questions you must have an answer especially if you’re traveling to a location that is unfamiliar to you. For the beach visits as well, the comfort level of you and the travelers along with you really matters. For the best beach holiday experience, make sure that there are plenty of sunny days during the time of your stay.

• Understand the terms of the rental agreement

While booking the Greek luxury villa rentals, make sure you read and understand the terms of the rental agreement including the mode of payment, deposits and other technical aspects of renting a villa for the amount of time you’ll be there. Ask them if there are any sorts of payments or deposits that are non-refundable? Or if something breaks or some mishap occurs, how liable are you? Read and discuss each point written in the rental agreement to make sure everything goes the right way, making your holiday a mesmerizing one.

Explore The Beauty Of Nature By Staying In The Greek Holiday Villas Of Paxos Island !

If I say that the island of Paxos located in Ionian sea of Greece is paradise for the peace and nature lovers then there would be hardly anyone who disagree with me. This is mainly because of purity present in the atmosphere of the island which despite of being visited by thousands of visitors across the world is still un-spoilt as it has been from the time of its origin. If you do not trust on my words then during your visit to this island you can witness the essence of natural soil and fresh air present in the atmosphere of island.

Villas in Paxos ! Glyfada Beach Villas

Well before proceeding ahead let us discuss in brief about the Paxos Island. It is one of the smallest island in the world located in the last corner of the Ionian sea in the Greece. The population of the island during the last census was about 2500 plus and the major source of income is fishing and production of olive oil due to abundance of olive groves located on the island. The surprising element of this island is that there is no airport but its absence could not stop the tourists across the world searching  seclusion from coming on this island. To reach on this island they hire a boat from the Corfu which is the nearest city to the Paxos.

Greek Villas in Paxos ! Glyfada Beach Villas

Now the question arises that what tourists do after reaching on this island, which doesn’t even has developed transport facility? Well, an answer to this question cannot be given in the single sentence, because the absence of an airport doesn’t mean that the island is not developed. The island not only offers you an opportunity of enjoying the peaceful life at different corners of the island, but also facilitates you to enjoy the chirping of birds throughout the day. You can visit the plethora of small villages located around the island, where you can learn about the life style of natives, enjoy the taste of local food and drinks, enjoy the fun of playing various water sports, enjoy the pleasure of sailing and many more.

Well to enjoy all these activities you can rent any of the Greek holiday villa located on the island developed by the building contractors. These villas are well constructed, well maintained and furnished with traditional furniture. The worth mentioning feature of these villas is you can find the presence of all necessary amenities from cooking to relaxing comfortably available in these villas. One more interesting feature of these villas is that if you do not want to go out for visiting the island, then you will feel loneliness, because these villas offer you an opportunity of enjoying the picturesque view of the island from the terrace or from balcony throughout the day.

Finally the last but not the least visiting the Paxos island and staying in Greek Holiday Villas will offer you the privilege of enjoying a memorable vacation of your lifetime.

Understand The Life-Style Of Greeks By Staying In The Arms Of Nature of Glyfada !

It is said that if you want to know about the actual life style of any region then the best idea is to visit the least developed area of that region. Because there you will find a cocktail in the form of different segments of people involved in different activities for their livelihood. If you are also among such persons then won’t it be better for you to understand the life style of world’s ancient culture the Greek Culture. But, the question which might confuse you is that, where is such place located in Greece? Interestingly an answer to this question in simple words is Ionian Sea.

Step on the land of Paxos

Paxos Villas aat Glyfada Beach

Surprised that how one can find know about the life style of any community or region by visiting a sea? Then with creating any suspense let me tell you that I am not asking to visit the sea but one of its island known as Paxos, which is not only one of the smallest islands but also the far located island at the sea. An interesting fact about Paxos is that there is no developed transport facility available for reaching this place except by boat from the nearest city Corfu, but despite of that it is visited by thousands of visitors throughout the years across the world.

This is mainly because of the tranquility which they enjoy as soon as they step on the land of Paxos, along with this the weather of the island offers an opportunity of enjoying the life in the arms of nature without any threat of getting ill due to bad weather. During your visit to the island you will not find any luxurious hotel or restaurant to dine in, but a taverna where you can enjoy the taste of native food and drink throughout the day.

Accommodation and amenities at Glyfada Beach

For staying at this island you can find different types of Glyfada vacation rentals developed by Glyfada beach villas. Located in the green valley of the island these villas are developed to satisfy your various needs of accommodation that are offered by any of the luxurious hotels in some well developed city. These villas are not only well developed and constructed but also well maintained with furniture and cleanliness.

>Rental Ionian Studio Villas , Luxury Ionian holiday Studio Villas Paxos - Glyfada Beach

Inside these villas you will find all those amenities that you have been using at your home in form of kitchen with cooking facility, bedroom depending upon the number of persons accompanying your group, sofas, marmer tables offering you the pleasure of enjoying your dinner sitting below the sky and watching the beauty of sea during the evening hours.

The types of villas available at Paxos are Stone House Villas, Glyfada House, Glyfada Beach Villas, Glyfada Family Beach Villas, Ionian Villas and Ionian Studio. During your stay in these villas you can roam across the island and understand the life style of natives, their source of earnings, their customs and religious beliefs along with enjoying the taste of native food.





Villas In Paxos: Developed To Offer You Tranquil Vacation !

Before discussing about the facilities that are offered by the Villas in Paxos it would be better to know the reason that why Paxos is one of the highly preferred tourist destination by the visitors looking for tranquil vacation.

About Paxos

Well Paxos is one of the smallest and ancient islands located in Greece which has population of about 2500 and where tourism is the main source of income for the natives. Although apart from this fishing and extracting olive oil from olive groves also constitute the main source of occupation for the natives.

Be With Paxos Nature

Now the question arises that why the place is highly preferred by the tourists who prefer to visit the destination where they can enjoy mental peace during their vacation. An answer to this question is the long beaches and green valley of island which offers them relaxation during their visit to this island.

Moving ahead an interesting factor of this island which makes it different from other destination is location of different villas that are developed to satisfy accommodating needs of the visitors coming to this island.

Nestled At Villas In Paxos To Spend A Vacation

There are four types of villas in Paxos which are helpful in catering the residing needs of the visitors without making them feel that they are away from their home.

Roadmap of Glyfada Beach Villas in Paxos !

Stone House Villas: Constructed from the local stone, the worth mentioning feature of these villas is their architecture which makes you understand the hidden talent of Greek architects. The villas are not only well developed but also equipped with traditional furniture that is helpful in satisfying your varied needs of staying at your own home.

Stone House in Paxos ! Glyfada Beach Villas

Greek Villas: Located in the green valleys of Paxos these villas are at walking distance from both Monodendri and Glyfada Beach. During your visit in this villas not only you will be offered the facility of cooking your own food but also the facility of watching the changing mood of sea from the balcony of your villa.

Greek Villas In Paxos ! Glyfada Beach Villas

Ionian Island Villas: These villas offer you the facility of enjoying an amazing view of Ionian sea. Like above two mentioned villas these villas are also well furnished with comfortable sofas and marmer tables. The fascinating feature of these villas is beautifully washed walls, traditional stone floors, and green shutters which add an elegance to their architecture.

Ionian Island Villas in Paxos ! Glyfada Beach Villas

Glyfada House: Located at the end of the island, this can be considered as one of the most luring villas located in Paxos which is not only well equipped with embellishes wooden  beams, traditional stoneware along with its beautiful while walls. The house is suitable for the family of four persons.

Glyfada House In Paxos ! Glyfada Beach Villas

One thing which is common about these villas is that they not only offer you the facility of enjoying a peaceful and romantic holiday but also offers you an opportunity of understanding the Greece culture from its closest and enjoy the taste of native food.






Why Paxos is best among several Greek Islands for a Restful Holiday?

If you want to experience a quiet holiday at some secluded land with fresh ambience and pure nature, then you can plan your holiday for the Ionian Island of Paxos, which is though small in size, but is great in appearance. The abundance of olive trees, abandoned stone villas, mild climate, azure water, shingled beaches, churches, walkways, and several other picturesque landscapes can make your trip amazing.

Glyfada Beach Villas

So, if you are looking for a restful holiday destination where you can relax and live a worry-free life for few days, out from the hustle bustle of urban life, then this is the right place for you. You can book a villa to accommodate yourself at some very pleasant and secluded place. Villa rentals are the best Holiday accommodation in Paxos with several luxury amenities. You can enjoy the beach-view from your rented villa and can also take a glimpse of olive grove carpet early morning from the room of your rental.

Each rental is situated near the beaches and engineered to serve the privacy and the seclusion in a good way. This is the reason why honeymooners love to come here. After all, this love nest can give them the privacy to spend some quality time under the clean skyline. It simply feels like- water, sky and the landscapes are melting in each others arms for the sacred love.

The best part of these holiday accommodations are their affordable rents. You can experience the luxury at affordable in Paxos. The rule of thumb applies here for every rental- the harder-to-reach locations are less-expensive than easy-to-catch locations. You are also advised to make the booking as soon as possible to avoid any type of problem or unavailability.

Early bookings can make your journey hassle-free for the Paxos. After all, this is the place which gives you the opportunity to see the beauty of the ocean during your journey from Corfu to Paxos due to no connectivity of airports. Well, it counts as a benefit for this island to keep its centuries-old purity and glory maintained in the ambiance, nature and settlement. So, what are you thinking? Just start searching a good villa as per your luxury need within your budget, book your ticket for the journey and start packing your backpack for an incredible trip.


Paxos & Luxury Villa For A Tranquil Holiday & Pleasant Stay !

The Island of Paxos- the beautiful creation on the earth has own history for its heavenly beauty. The Island was created by Poseidon centuries back to make her love affair in the tranquility, as myth describes. And, the tranquility and the heavenly feel are still alive in the twenty first century and enchanting the visitors of this beautiful Island. However, some luxury holiday villas in Paxos are serving the comfort and relaxation to visitors, maintaining the scenic beauty and serenity of this land.

Situated near the Corfu, this Island is the smallest one in the Ionian Sea with periphery of 10 by 3 miles. There is no airport; ferry is the only option to reach here. If you are the admirer of nature, then this is the perfect destination for you. This is the perfect place for honeymoon couples too.


You have walking paths, where you can stroll with your partner, enjoying the olive grove surroundings. You can find churches and old villages on the pathway and can also stay for a while to feel the nature. You can take a promenade to any of the shingled beaches and enjoy the peace along with the calm sea.

What about a boat trip around the Island? This is the best way to get the chance to see the coastal beauty of Paxos very closely. Sea caves, limestone cliffs on the west coast and peaceful beaches, olive trees on the east coast are enough to please you with own distinctness. You have harbor villages to excurse and traditional Tavernas to taste the Greek food.

And, when you feel tired, you can rent a privately owned villa. However, it is good to make bookings before your arrival. These villas can make your stay relaxing through the pleasant ambience and luxury amenities. You can experience the serenity in these rentals too, which are designed to offer privacy and the views from the beach side.

Greek culture can also be experienced closely in these rental apartments which are designed with locally-purchased white stones. Plenty of amenities are there to make your stay more comfortable and offer you the freedom alongside the privacy. This tiny Island has plethora of picturesque landscapes and beaches to traverse that can make your visit to this Island unforgettable.





Ionian Holiday Villa Rental in Paxos for Tranquil Holiday !

Paxos is the smallest Island of Ionian Island in Greece, which is known among visitors for its secluded and unspoiled beauty. Its picturesque scenery makes this place God’s most beautiful creation on the earth with heavenly appearance. Calm and azure Ocean, white shingled beaches, mild climate, olive trees, sheer cliffs, Sea caves, and lots of beautiful landscapes- a full package of nature with tranquility can experience here.

Glyfada Beach Villas

If you really want to explore the unseen beauty of this Island, then why wait long. Start planning for a trip to this Island for the coming vacation with your family or partner. This is the best destination for all those people, who are seeking for seclusion or want to spend some quality time with their partner. Honeymooners specially adore this place for its natural surroundings and serenity.

Despite the periphery of 7 by 4 miles, you can find several Ionian holiday villa rental with several amenities to offer you the relaxing stay at quite affordable rates. All these villas are spacious and have separate terrace, garden, kitchenette, and balcony to make you feel like you are at home away from home.

You can feel the seclusion on the terrace, feeling the fresh Sea breeze and can also talk romantically for long hours with your partner in the private garden. You can also touch the freshness of the morning right outside your villa where olive grove surrounding seems ready to give you a warm welcome.

Apart from this, you can experience the Greek culture, staying in these rentals, which can adore you with beautifully designed interiors and exterior. When you feel hungry, you are free to cook your choice of food in the kitchenette of your rented villa. However, you can also eat outside at the nearest Taverna, which can serve you the variety of Greek food to taste.

Overall, you can spend a benign holiday trip here, out from the hustle bustle. But, do proper planning and make all the bookings to avoid any inconvenience during journey. You can also book any of the villa apartments online which can offer you the luxury at your level under your set budget. Early booking can save you from the hassle of end-time unavailability of rentals.